Rapport d'activité du rabbin Pauline Bebe à l'occasion de la conférence EUPJ 2015

Rapport d'activité du rabbin Pauline Bebe à l'occasion de la conférence European Union for Progressive Judaism 2015

The Communauté Juive Libérale-Ile de France celebrated this year its 20th
anniversary, with an informal evening; Havdala sung by our youth group, two
moving speeches by our President and Rabbi, remembering all the people who
contributed to the creation and development of the synagogue, which numbers
today, now more than 400 families. An Israeli rock group was invited to
round out the evening, as an act of « resistance ». (Our synagogue is 5
minutes walk from the Bataclan, and from Charlie Hebdo, as well as close to
all the cafes that were attacked by blind terrorism).

For weeks we had soldiers sleeping in our synagogue and posted in front of
it. Our work has been to reassure people that it was ok for them to come to
synagogue, even though some members lost dear ones in the attacks. Children
heard rifle noises, and others saw their favorite café become a scene of

But in spite of l this, our community is striving. We have more and more bar
and bat mitswa, weddings, baby namings, etc. There are over 100 children in
our Talmud-Torah, and people are coming to convert.

We are especially proud of three projects this past year: 1) The youth
group, Netzer, which gathers every three weeks with some 40 children for
activities and discussion, like “are the Jedis of Star Wars Jewish?”
2) Mahanetzer, our Summer camp has had so much success that after only 10
days since opening registration, the 90 places are filled. (This is the3rd
year since we started a summer camp for all the French speaking
congregations, and we are sponsoring students to get their BAFA –French
diploma to become a camp counselor). Children are coming to the camp from
all of France and several other countries as well.
3) The  third project is the translation into French of the Harvey Fields
Torah commentary. This year, the second volume was published. The third
volume is on its way. When this happens, we will have finally the first
liberal Torah commentary published into French.

Finally, we are also collecting funds to be able to finish an added level to
the synagogue that will allow us to expand and have even more activities.

Rabbi Bebe